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October 13, 2013

In Boulder October 2013

I am not posting from my usual venue north of Boston, Instead I am sitting at a dimly lit table with a glass of whiskey (don't worry Mo, it's the Maker's Mark not the Sazerac) laced with fatigue in Boulder, CO.

I have been in transit for a good portion of the day (starting at 0400 EST), and playing with my oldest grandchild, Amelia, for most of the rest of it. I read her half of a chapter of Harry Potter (she's in 2nd grade) tucked her in and came downstairs.

I'm here for two weeks, visiting my oldest son's family and leaving my home in the capable hands of my youngest son.

I have no real post for today. I am weary and unwilling to write or even edit something previously written. All I'll say today is that my son married well, my oldest grnddaughter is a treasure and it's time for bed.

I'll pick up the thread tomorrow.