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October 15, 2013

Getting back to work

I apologize. Yesterday was the first time I missed a daily post. I was a little tired and the prospect of dealing with the tiny keyboard of the iPad seemed too daunting.

That's not really true. I was in the middle of yesterday's post, I was tired, it is a post about something that has distressed me for more than 40 years. I have the house to myself this morning and it is a gray cold day in Boulder, so I will dedicate myself to finishing and publishing the post.

Today is remarkable for its peace. I woke late and granddaughter Amelia had left for school and her mother Lindsey for work.  I decided to take a shower. It was a delight to get into the shower and find a sign taped to the drain that said, "I EAT PEOPLE." I think some of my strange sense of humor is rubbing off on Amelia.

As I write this there are squirrel's scampering along the top of the fence outside the window, causing Cleo the standard poodle to get up from hr station at my feet and grumble warnings at them through the glass. I have a cup of miso soup steaming next to me. It's a good day to write.