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April 16, 2015

Ten Random Things About Me 01

I was once challenged to provide a list of things that people might find unusual or amusing about me.
  1. My study contains shelves and boxes containing more than 750 books, in spite of the fact that I have reduced my personal library by more than 80%.
  2. I have visited Diego Garcia, a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
  3. I am currently ghost-writing the autobiography of a nasty (and dead) man (it's complicated).
  4. My first reaction to being told that I was going to climb Bald Mountain, near Boulder CO, was to ask if it would be at night.
  5. I've had my entire paycheck stolen by a beautiful gypsy girl.
  6. No matter how diligently I try, I cannot get further than page 20 of Finnegan's Wake.
  7. Although I'm vegan now, I used to pride myself that there were very few foods that I could not or would not eat. The most prominent of these are brains, boiled okra, and baluts (look it up if you must, but be warned.) Yes, I have had snake, alligator, thousand-year eggs, ant eggs, cobra blood wine, goat head, etc. etc.
  8. In a similar vein, I used to be much fatter than I am now.
  9. In Israel, I was once kidnapped by a yeshiva looking for fresh students and spent three hours discussing the ways that ice cream could fail the test for kosher.
  10. I can sing some of Donald Swann's musical setting for the songs in The Hobbit. 
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